Player Acquisition made easy
Bringing together the operators, affiliates and payment providers within the gaming industry into one secure, efficient and fully audited community of players, using one unique identification system across all brands and across all jurisdictions.
Operators, Affiliates and Payment Providers... Welcome to Fastplay!
  • Increased click-through rate
  • Increased conversions to players
  • Faster Acquisition
  • One-click Registration
  • One-click KYC
  • Reduce risk on players
  • Don’t compromise on player KYC data
  • Constantly updated KYC
  • Comply with your regulatory requirements
  • Taking responsible gaming global
Embedding Fastplay in your registration and login process will give you access to the Fastplay community - a global identification system for all players within the gaming industry.

Players with a Fastplay account will have their KYC details that are required across brands and jurisdictions already filled in, enabling them to create an account in your portal without having to input any details. All the cumbersome processes of having to collect specific data depending on the license you operate with will disappear, allowing the player to start playing within a click.

This central, audited and secure mechanism also allows for constantly ensuring updated KYC data for your players. Fastplay’s automated alerts on all accounts, assist you in managing the risk associated with each player as from registration and throughout the lifetime of the player.

Improve your acquisition rate through the ultimate player experience, one-click KYC, seamless registration and one global login.

Increase your retention rate using the Fastplay logo for instant access without having to remember old credentials, and constantly updated data.

Re-activate old accounts easily by allowing your players to simply start playing again using the Fastplay account, instantly updating all details and KYC at a click of a button.

How does it work?
  • STEP 1 - Sign up to Fastplay
  • STEP 2 - Place the Fastplay button within the registration, login and my account pages, or on bonuses and offers.
  • STEP 3 - Call the respective API functions of Fastplay
    • Request KYC details
    • Request Login details
    • Request missing / updated KYC details
    • Check Preferences
    • Update player statistics
    • Update alerts on Fastplay accounts
reduce your risk
Full feature list for businesses.
  • Faster on-boarding and KYC
    Fastplay gives the player a central portal for inputting all the required registration and KYC details across all the subscribed brands. This data is input once and maintained in the Fastplay account, to then be shared with the various brands at registration and login stages. This instantly reduces the time and effort for a player to create a new account with your brand, leading to a boost in your conversions.
  • The ultimate player experience
    Having Fastplay integrated with your brand will instantly resonate with seamless registrations, one set of credentials for all brands, updating data centrally, responsible gaming and the comfort of being in control. Fastplay is the experience players expect.
  • Reducing the impact of regulatory requirements
    Irrespective of the applicable gaming license, players’ country of residence and the various data that you are required to ask for, Fastplay levels out the game by offering that centrally. Player details in the Fastplay account would allow seamless completion of the data and automatically creating the account to start playing.
  • Constantly updated player data
    Determine whether any player data has been updated since last login. Fastplay allows you to check whether players have updated details on their Fastplay account, allowing them to be able to seamlessly push such updates to you. Fastplay also allows you to be able to request additional information from the player at any point in time.
  • Duplicate accounts alerts
    Currently one of the biggest issues on the market is the challenge in identifying patterns of uniqueness across players. Fastplay has an inbuilt optional mechanism that constantly trails the entire database to be able to assess which Fastplay accounts are most probably the same person. Should such multiple accounts be registered within your brand or group of brands, you are alerted of the potential risk to be able to investigate further.
  • Reduce risk instantly
    Based on Fastplay’s alert network, you will be notified on registration or any subsequent login when that player has been flagged with suspicious activity such as fraud, AML anomalies, duplicate accounts and false identity. Such flags are being updated by the operators through the network allowing you to better assess the risk of new players.

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